An Ease and Reprieve || Erika & Evie

The days seemed to blend together in a mirage of exhaustion. Work, work, work during the day, and the battle of her nightmares and restlessness by night. Her recent history had become nothing more than a grey melding of time passing laboriously on. Erika craved a reprieve, needed a reprieve in the most guttural and desperate sense. Or… Or she might just edge closer to the brink of her sanity. So when she received the phone call from Evie, holding a request for a girls night, a easy, relieved, and genuine smile graced her lips, a foreign occurance as of late. The wearing on her soul seemed to ease at just the thought, Evie’s presence always one that erased and quelled her toughest troubles and darkest demons. With Evie around, none of that matters, and Erika could simply exist in her more relaxed and content form. While she waited for Evie’s arrival, the young woman busied herself in her room with cleaning her knives, sure to have them put away before Evie arrives. 

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    "Hence why the phrase ‘A lot easier said than done’ is such an over used cliche. But like I said… Give it time, your...
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    "Bless you," Evie said softly, brows furrowed slightly as she took in Erika’s words. "You’re right," she said with a...