Shoulder Your Pain, Absorb Your Sorrow || Evie & Erika

Her frame shook, huddled over the bed, clutching Evie’s hand, a small area of her body that wasn’t decimated by the hateful steel. Her breaths came fast and shallow, bordering on panic and breakdown. While she struggled to keep the last scrap of strength she had left, one hand gingerly held Evie’s, and the other clung to the bed sheet. Seamus stayed with Erika as long as he could, holding her other hand, keeping her from crumbling. But his duty called, and now Erika was doing it on her own, with just his jacket slung over her shoulder. 

"I’m sorry, Evie… I’m sorry… I’m sorry this happened… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, or do something. Evie…" Erika murmured weakly with her lips pressed to Evie’s palm, her whole body feeling like one giant wound, gouged and wrecked and as broken as Evie’s skin. 


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    Erika tried to wipe the pain from her face, but Evie caught the transition. Having been in a hospital bed herself not...
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    Evie roused, and Erika struggled to hold onto her resolve even harder, feeling those walls threatening to crumble and...